FTS Cloud Platform enables seamless integration and deployment of HTML5 apps

Apollo.ai is deployed by default in the FTS Cloud Platform, a robust HTML5 platform that enables seamless integration, interoperability, and deployment of HTML5 apps through standard web browsers and FTS channel partners. Apps in the FTS Platform can be deployed all together, or as individual “widgets”, which can be embedded in other websites, apps, and platforms.


Build Unique Workspaces and Workflows

Leverage dozens of unique applications to layout custom workspaces and dashboards.


Unified, Seamless Interface

Theme and UI standardization ensures all apps look the same, for a smooth, beautiful experience.


Integrate Internal or External Apps

Simple integrations take minutes, even for old legacy systems.

FTS Platform leverages HTML framing to position, layout, and communicate between apps, so your existing network and firewall rules still apply. Your internal apps can stay exactly how they are, and are instantly supplemented by other FTS apps, like Apollo.ai


Security, SSO, and User Entitlements

FTS Platform can leverage your own authentication and authorization solution, or you can use ours.


Advanced Context Passing

FTS Platform allows authorized apps to communicate with each other in a secure way.

Utilize the robust taxonomy for a consistent experience with inter-app context sharing.