Our network of seasoned fintech entrepreneurs, business leaders, technologists and investors serve as advisors to FinTech Studios.


Jeff Parkinson

Managing Partner, KEC Ventures

Jeff was part of the founding team at KEC Ventures. While he has experience investing in companies at every stage of their lifecycle, his passion is early stage technology. He led KEC’s investments in companies such as Reonomy, Gem, Ayehu, Jump Ramp Games, Bouqs, and AlphaDraft (acquired by FanDuel).



Sean Hanlon

Chairman, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Hanlon Investment Management

Sean owns and operates a turnkey-asset-management-platform serving the investment needs of over 20,000 individual investors, retirement plans, trusts and institutions.



Andy Brown

Connector, Director, Innovator, Investor

Andy is a scientist, part physicist, part chemist, part biologist, part technologist. Andy loves innovation and understanding how things work.



Phil Gilligan

Managing Partner, Sand Hill East

Focused on digitalization and innovative disruption in financial services, and beyond… 29 years of broad international technology experience at senior levels in financial services – wealth management, private banking, trading, research, prime brokerage.



John Carini

CEO and Co-Founder, Social Smart Software

John is software investor/entrepreneur with experience in creating, managing and exiting SAAS companies.



Sergei Kovalenko

CEO and Co-Founder, iTechArt

Sergei is a serial entrepreneur and executive with 15 years of experience in IT and extensive knowledge in software and product development.



Tony Pizi

CEO and Co-Founder, 51maps

Tony has over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and leader in technology, managing successful innovation in companies.



Alan Reid

Founder and CEO, FORWARD

Alan has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry, including as a founder and CEO of Forward.



Andrew Haines

Entrepreneurial/Innovative Methods & Technologies/Catalyst for Change

Technology and business-savvy professional recognized as an innovator and thought leader focused on transforming good ideas into great companies.