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FinTech Studios is the world’s leading AI-based news, analytics, & market data platform for financial services. Using the latest open source and AI technologies, we ingest content from millions of unstructured data sources (news, websites, broker research, legal & regulatory), and extract named entities from the text to run analytics on. Our applications are used by some of the largest companies in the world every day to gain insights in market opportunities, risk, legal & regulatory changes, and more. 

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We’re growing rapidly, and having a lot of fun doing so! Take a look at some of our current openings and reach out: 


Current Openings 

Full Stack Engineer

Location: Midtown, NYC

Type: Full Time

Summary: As a Full Stack Developer with +2 years of experience leveraging cloud-based networks, you’ll build and maintain highly scalable, performant systems for a broad range of FinTech applications and big data analytics. You’ll be part of a close-knit team that gives engineers an unparalleled level of independence to approach problems, so having an entrepreneurial mindset and a robust understanding of automated processes is critical.

You’ll touch every part of a product that often has multiple production deployments each day. On the frontend, you’ll utilize modern JavaScript (ES6+) to build AngularJS code for user-facing web applications. On the backend, you’ll use AWS, Docker, and Node.js at scale for REST and WebSocket APIs, and facilitate the real-time distribution of data. We use Apache Flink to run real-time data processing pipelines, so some familiarity with Java is a plus (but not required!). All our applications utilize CI & CD paradigms to facilitate rapid-releases with less operational overhead, and we are constantly evolving to keep stride with modern paradigms and fight tech-debt gremlins.

Qualifications & Skills: In this role, you will primarily be using Javascript. We’re happy to speak with candidates who have experience with:

  • Node.js, AngularJS or JavaScript
  • Amazon Web Services & DevOps
  • Neo4j, Redis, Elasticsearch or PostgreSQL


UX/UI Designer 

Location: Midtown NYC 

Summary: Our rapid growth means we need a creative UX/UI Designer with experience in designing great web applications. We’re looking for someone who can think critically, and apply modern design paradigms to a cutting edge web application.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Experience with popular wireframe/mocking software, for example: Sketch, Balsamiq, Figma.
  • Experience with Illustrator/Photoshop, specifically relating to mockups, wireframing, and web design.
  • Working knowledge of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • 1+ years in graphic design, ideally with a focus on web applications.
  • Adaptive design eye and skill.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to absorb and apply constructive criticism from peers and clients.